The Forgotten – Radio Vibes

It’s things like this that remind me of my grandparents house in Spain, and bring back so many warm memories. Grandpa still listens to a radio just like this one. Advertisements

C.D Mirandés

One of my favorite photo shoots till this day. Nothing like running around the soccer field you grew up going to watch your soccer team play. More @ under editorial work.

Luna Llena

«En el majestuoso conjunto de la creación, nada hay que me conmueva tan hondamente,que acaricie mi espíritu y dé vuelo desusado a mi fantasía como la luz apacible y desmayada de la luna».… Continue reading

Working and Fencing

Having a little fun yesterday in Treasure Island. Poor Marine froze a bit… Thanks for being such a good sport!

The Forgotten – Grandma’s Washroom

I run into this beauty a few days ago. It brought back so many childhood memories, as my grandma used to own a few around her house. A little better looking, and with… Continue reading

He stopped by my studio today

I came to the studio today and found this poor fellow laying there. Sad, yet I couldn’t help but to start rumbling all these concepts in my head. I can’t wait to get… Continue reading

SF Lanscape

Winter Thoughts

Model: Lesley Ingles MUA: Diana Cortez Hair: Yanin Colmenero

Against Traditionalism

Model: Jordann Taylor MUA: Diana Cortez Hair: Yanin Colmenero

Jordann Taylor

Model: Jordann Taylor MUA: Diana Cortez Hair: Yanin Colmenero

The Forgotten – Hangers

The Forgotten- Baby in a bottle

This one was a little creepy, and I liked it.

Folsom Street Fair approaches

I have always liked to document the The Others, and be able to capture and cross the line of what is acceptable and unacceptable in the different societies.

Fashion Counter-disengage

I like to find vintage or strange objects and put them in scenarios that they don’t belong, or push social boundaries with them. I found this at liquidation sale and was so excited… Continue reading

I’m on a Break

There was something about this that made me giggle. It was hanging there as if an angel had just had enough and had to go on strike, leaving the uniform behind.

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