De paseo con mi Abuelo/ Out for a stroll with Abuelo – Casa de Campo – Madrid – 2015

I have been documenting my grandparents for so many years, that every time I go back home abuelo is used to see me follow him around with my camera at any given moment of the day. But still to this day he likes to play with me and tells me he questions my ability to be a photographer, because he has never seen my work in National Geographic, or because I take too many photos of him and a good photographer only needs one to make it. He makes me laugh every time he says that as I point my camera at him and he giggles.

We unexpectedly lost grandma a year an a half ago, and at age 92 here he is, still remembering her every minute of his life and enjoying every bit of time he has with his kids and grandkids. This was during a walk we took around Casa de Campo in Madrid where he used to take me to run around when I was a little munchkin. He always reminds me of how I used to escape from him and he would have to chase me down these paths full of people, screaming out my name and apologizing as he went by couple’s.

He still has the energy to somehow chase me with his cane down the same old paths. Only now, I would never leave him behind.