An Skype call from heaven

It’s only been a few weeks since abuela left us, and there is not one day that a photo, a gesture, a trinket left from her, or a gift she gave me triggers a thought or a memory at the most unexpected instances, and I crumble and have to stop for a few minutes and compose myself back together.

Abuela used to be the one using Skype with us, and emailing . Abuelo refused to learn as he said that two people using the same computer would create problems. In reality, it’s been always easier and more comfortable for him to let grandma take control of things around the house, and communicating with family.

Today my Skype rang on my phone. And her photo showed up, and it was yet again another moment that made me come to terms with reality. It’s a hard moment of realization, as I try to cope with this sudden loss.

But, it was then the video popped up and I saw the smile on my Abuelo’s face. He has been insisting to learn to use the computer and Skype this past few weeks and over our last phone conversation he has made it very clear that he rather see me than just hear me. And so here we are, at almost age 90, Skyping and seeing my abuelo smile again.

A little bit of our time in our “oh so busy American schedules” is all it takes to make a difference in our elderly’s lives.