Heaven has my angel today – February 3rd, 2014

65 years married. 4 kids. 7 Grandkids. 1 great grandkid on his way. She was the oldest of 17 sisters, and the last one to survive a life full of challenges, struggling thru poverty at times and hardships that both her and my grandpa stuck thru and made it work. A life full of stories, illness, surgeries, and miracles that only her devotion to church would explain. The results were a loving, and devoted grandma that spoiled all of us grandchildren. I can still hear her walking around the house and feel her slightly open the door to the room I always slept in, as she would take a pick wearing her red Japanese robe. She would “whisper” to my grandpa that I was still sleeping. And it it was time for me to catch a flight she would always be ahead of the alarm, and come and sweetly wake me up, and then proceed to try to sneak manchego cheese into my suitcase. The woman who made the best grandma foods you can imagine, always full of that special grandma love. Her croquettes, migas, her filetes rusos and her tortilla de patata were her strengths. She lit candles for everybody, enough to light up the world I am sure, and continuously praid for me to be successful at what I love, photography, and to find the right man by my side. But most importantly for me to be happy no matter what. A grandma with her down faults , and her virtues that learnt to email and Skype in her 80’s, to keep track of her her Grandkids abroad. A strong, cheerful, loving, energetic, brave woman always smiling with a great gift for making anybody feel cared for. A great woman who never left her house without her jewelry on, her best dresses, perfumed up, and her make up done. Always turquoise eye shadow, and red lipstick “the eye shadow is specially important” as she would tell me “you always want to look good, and your eyes are what’s most important”.

24-48 hours became 5 endless days. February 3rd, at 1:00 am my grandma finally found peace. She had her husband, all of her kids and most of her Grandkids by her bedside everyday, all day. She had us crying, laughing, and most importantly bonding after years of not being able to be together all at once. I am pretty sure that this little grandma of mine was holding on for so long to make all ofus reconnect again.