Abuela’s goodbye – She gave me snow

Abuela left us at 1:00 am on February 3rd 2014. I woke up that morning to my mother whispering to me while I laid in bed at Abuela’s house “she is now resting. She is now in a better place” Both my brothers, mother and I walked into my Abuelo’s room, now with Abuela’s side of the bed empty, and gave him the news hoping for the best situation despite it all. His cat and faithful companion quickly run up the bed and sat by his side while he listened to us. He remain strong for most of it, as the strong man that he is, angry at times for being left alone after 65 years with her. He sat there and tried to make a few jokes to cover his pain, and while we all sat there crying my dad walked in to point out the snow.

It had been over a year since it had snowed here. And it has been years since I myself had seen snow. Now, if you know me I love that time of the year when I go home for Christmas and there is snow at home. I always said it just doesn’t feel like Christmas if there isn’t snow, and this year I left home without seeing it. Abuela was aware of that. Little that I knew that 2 weeks later I would have to come back to say my goodbyes to Abuela, and to see her go as the snow fell down. I have no doubt that was her gift to us, one more way to remember her by. Whenever I see a snowflake ill be thinking of you abuela.