Mexico Day 2- Cuba Day 1 September 26th

Still unable to upload photographs… this slow WIFI connection is killing me softly.

Mexico day 2
6:00 am. A cab I had ordered thru the hotel awaited for me. The cab itself is a minivan and has no Taxi logos, colors or anything that establishes that it is a cab. “It’s ok, it’s safe Güerita, it’s one of ours” the hotel staff tells me. I hoped in, with a bit of hesitation quite honestly after hearing all the horror stories that I’m sure were a bit exaggerated. First thing cab driver tells me “don’t worry I am onna get you to the airport in one piece. Relax” and he proceeds to doing his religious routine and cross symbol on his forehead and chest with his thumb. José Antonio, that was his name, seemed very nice. An older guy in his fifties, who tells me that he believes that money is nothing, that he used to ask God for money every morning, and now he asks him for health and work, and money for others who need it more than him. ” Sandrita, you should thank God for giving you one more day to live today. And enjoy today as if it was your last” as he tells me this he gets off the main highway and takes some small and old back roads. I was nearly having a heart attack after all the cab stories I had heard. And right about that moment when I was debating weather I jumped out, or used my 24-70 mm lens and the body of my canon as a knock out tool, he appears on the back side of the airport.

Jose Antonio was as nice as he seemed and dropped me off at the airport in one piece just as he promised. And I felt like an idiot for letting all those stories get to my head, but you can see why…

Cuba Day 1

“Damas y caballeros bienvenidos a Cuba. Ladies and gentleman welcome to Cuba!”

The security points in cuba seemed like I was getting ready to be interrogated. Old beaten up tiny rooms with a tungsten light bulb above your face.

Behind the metal detector 2 young girls in their early twenties await for you wearing what looked like a light brown catholic school uniform. Socks up to their knees, and skirts down to 8 inches above these ones.
Wearing white plastic globes. Security there was worthy of a photograph, wearing skirts and phishnets or lace pantyhose.

I have arrived, and I am loving it here. People are so nice, funny, friendly, and happy to share a smile with you despite of it all. I  will think twice next time I complain about transportation back home, food being cold, the weather being foggy, internet being “slow”, air conditioning not working etc….