Airport Security – Cuba

I landed in La Habana yesterday around 12 pm, and I have been completely taken away by its people and it placed ever since the minute I set foot in it. I was surprised by the airport security here, when while going thru it I found myself being checked by 2 lovely girls that didn’t seemed older than 19 yo, dressed in what seemed school uniforms. See photos above. Quite amusing to be honest, definitely the strangest airport security uniform I’ve ever seen.

I was so excited to be here, finally!

My uncle awaited outside for me, drenched in sweat from the tremendous humidity and heat that Cuba has. Welcome to Cuba!

On the way to their house, located in downtown La Habana, the old cars, vintage bicycles, and carriages where overflowing the roads and the streets. A car pulled to the side of the road under the bright and hot sun outside the airport, with a couple in the back seat that apparently couldnt wait to get home. “Welcome to Cuba!” My uncle said.

As we drove into the city I felt as if I had just been taken back to the fifties. It is impossible to explain the sentiment that this country blossoms in you when you meet it for the first time. The overwhelming history, and what used to be beauty and vibrance now falling down to pieces sparks in you so much admiration, for their happiness, laughter, and sense of humor despite of that.

I have so many stories and photographs to share, but given that the Internet connection is as fast 56k per second, it’s rather time consuming. Lets see how long this post takes to go thru….