Mexico City – Day 1

Güerita this, Güerita that,Güerita here and Güerita there. I have never felt so watched. From the minute I landed until now, after walking all over D.F from 8am to 6:30 pm, we have only seen 4 other blondes. It’s kind of comical to see how they stare at me, and refer to me as Güerita while we walked down those busy streets full of food and clothing stands. I arrived in the city this morning at 5:45 am and met up with an old highschool friend that I had not seen for ages. He lives here now and has been so kind of taking me all around today. It’s been a fun day of catching up and discovering a new country. The fruit stands and bakeries are to die for. The people are for the most part very nice and welcoming, I have shot about 400 pictures already, and probably drove my friend Javi crazy with that. The amount of history in here is mindblowing and even more so to find out how little or no consideration my people had in regards of these people’s own ancient history. They came, conquered, and settled where they pleased. Heartbreaking. I have had fresh cut fruit with chilie and lime, elote so spicy we actually had to leave it half way, nopal with some amazing condiments, sincronizadas of ham and cheese, some bake goods,and an alfajor. Each and all lf them delicious! ‘m not a fan of all the greasy and meaty stands, and I’m not sure how they can eat that stuff so often. But they seem happy! I have found some new words here, and met some neat characters. We walked all over, visited the city and went up to Torre Latino. IMPRESSIVE! The view from up there makes you appreciate how tight and packed the city is, and embrace its power. I have noticed that the police doesn’t seem as firm and serious as the ones back home (both Spain and US) and give in into the common compliment yelling to women.
Today I was “Güerita” for everybody, even for the cops lined up a protest against the education system.

I was actually lucky enough to be bumped up to a suite, where a bathtub with jets awaited. My feet and legs are certainly happy about this after all those hours of walking!
It’s day one of my vacation journey, and it has been amazing so far!

Photographs coming soon!
Off to Cuba tomorrow!